Marmot review: Tackling mental health inequalities is overdue, urges Mental Health Foundation

25th Feb 2020
Challenging mental health inequalities
Social inequalities

The Government should urgently respond to today’s Marmot Review 2020 and develop a national action plan to reduce mental health inequalities, says the Mental Health Foundation.

Commenting on the new report from the Institute for Health Inequality, Mark Rowland, Chief Executive at the Mental Health Foundation, said:  “The Marmot Review 2020 shows that the social factors that lead to poor mental health are persisting or getting worse. Factors such as lower educational attainment, low quality employment, poverty and income inequality and difficulties in securing good quality housing have all been identified by the Mental Health Foundation as important drivers of mental health problems.

“Our recently published report ‘Tackling social inequalities to reduce mental health problems’ identifies a range of effective solutions for reducing these inequalities, in order to prevent mental health problems. We are calling on the Government to take action and develop a cross-departmental plan on mental health and wellbeing. There is no more time to waste on this.”


The Mental Health Foundation is the home of Mental Health Awareness Week.  Our vision is good mental health for all and prevention is at the heart of what we do. We use our knowledge, informed by rigorous research and practical study, to inform and work with policy-makers, communities, companies, the general public and others about how best to foster good mental health. We have pioneered change for 70 years and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

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