Mental Health Foundation welcomes leading workplace enterprise into its group

The Mental Health Foundation has acquired the workplace social enterprise, Mental Health at Work. The new partnership is an ambitious deal which will transform the impact of both organisations' work and commitment to promoting mentally healthy workplaces. 

Established in 2016, Mental Health at Work has already established a proven track record for providing high-quality, customised programmes for a broad range of corporate clients looking to address mental health positively in their business.  

With the Mental Health Foundation approaching its 70th year, this agreement enables the Foundation to deepen its impact, understanding and connection with employers, while Mental Health at Work will benefit from a significant injection of working capital to grow its operations under the Foundation's auspices. 

The acquisition is the first in a series substantial new programmes that the Foundation is developing as a result of generous legacy gifts and major donations, including from the estate of the late supporter, Mr Stephen Schick.

Keith Leslie, Chair of Trustees of the Mental Health Foundation, said:

"The Mental Health Foundation and Mental Health at Work share a vision for how our workplaces can provide a setting where people can thrive. We are fortunate to be in a position where we can invest in work we think will help deliver our vision of good mental health for all.

"I am confident that with our complementary resources and expertise, this deal will accelerate our ability to equip more employers with the skills they need while also providing a sustainable revenue stream for the Foundation's wider charitable activities."

Charles Elvin, Mental Health at Work Chair, said:

"We know good mental health in a workplace generates benefits for everyone concerned. Mental Health at Work has championed engagement with, and understanding of, mental health in workplaces and made a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of people in both large and small organisations. 

"Our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, which sees Mental Health at Work become part of their family, will allow us expand our impact, working closely with an organisation that shares our mission and values."

Mental Health at Work is a community interest company, and will retain its distinct brand and board of directors, operating as an independent but wholly owned subsidiary of the Mental Health Foundation. 

In turn, the Foundation will continue to grow its workplace programmes - building a diverse range of corporate partnerships, making high-quality information available to the public and developing new research into workplace mental health. 

A new board structure - in which two Mental Health Foundation directors will sit on the Mental Health at Work board and one Mental Health at Work director will sit on the Foundation's board - will lay the ground for developing close co-operation going forward.

Alison Pay, Managing Director of Mental Health at Work said:

"We are looking forward to the opportunity to introduce our approach to workplace mental health to more organisations, more quickly, as a result of this partnership. This will bring lasting behavioural and attitudinal change, ensuring mental health is treated as an integral part of working life."

Chris O’Sullivan, Head of Business Development and Engagement at the Mental Health Foundation, said:

"We are excited about the shared opportunities this new relationship will create. The appetite for holistic programmes in workplaces that combine training with developing insight on mental health has never been greater. 

"This acquisition enables us to reach more people, in more ways, with the goal of enhancing and protecting a key asset of any organisation – the mental health of its people."