Health inequalities manifesto 2018

Location: England

Our manifesto presents the individual and local actions that can be applied to address mental health inequalities in England. We advocate particular approaches and interventions to reduce the risk factors underpinning inequalities and applying these proportionately across the social gradient.

We have gathered and reviewed the latest evidence from the UK about what works to reduce risk of mental health inequalities, presenting examples of best practice and learning that is relevant to If you would like to learn more about these priorities, more details can be accessed here (PDF). all communities across England. We are sharing these priorities for action more widely, with the ambition of helping you to shape local strategies to address mental health inequalities in your area. This work is informed by our long history of working directly with people living with or at risk of developing mental health problems.

We would like to see the following five priorities championed locally in all parts of England:

  1. Healthy children
  2. Healthy minds
  3. Healthy places
  4. Healthy communities
  5. Healthy habits
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Scottish Local Elections Manifesto 2022

Our mental health is determined by our environments and life experiences. Our local authorities make choices every day that affect the well-being of tens of thousands of people. Local councillors have the power to influence decisions that will create safe, healthy communities that enable people to thrive. If elected, will you support actions that build well-being communities for all?

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Northern Ireland Manifesto 2022

Too many people in Northern Ireland experience mental distress that could be prevented. All political parties in Northern Ireland agree that mental health is important, yet there is no sustained programme to prevent mental health problems.

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Tackling social inequalities to reduce mental health problems

We all have mental health and we can all experience mental health problems, whatever our background or walk of life. But the risks of mental ill-health are not equally distributed.

Mental Health Policy Group (MHPG)

The Mental Health Policy Group (MHPG) is an informal coalition of six national organisations working together to improve mental health through policy influencing activities at the national level.

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