World Mental Health Day 2021 Podcast

The World Mental Health Day 2021 episode

In this special episode to mark World Mental Health Day, Jennie speaks to Freya in Edinburgh and Tyra in London about their lived experiences and thoughts on the theme 'Mental Health in an Unequal World.' They discuss ADHD, discrimination, being a young person today, and coming out of the pandemic.

The podcast also features the Foundation's Associate Director from the Scotland team, Julie Cameron, who talks more about the wider picture of inequality, and how we can all contribute to a fairer society.

Enjoy the show!

What is the Mental Health Foundation Podcast?

This is the Mental Health Foundation podcast. A series which brings to you a range of mental health topics, real life stories, expert comments, and mental health tips.

Jennie Walker is your producer and host. She has her own lived experience of mental health problems and with this podcast she and the Mental Health Foundation want to raise awareness, get people talking and provide support and hope.

Who’s on the show today?

  • Jennie Walker: Host, Producer and Podcast Editor, Communications and Marketing Officer at the Foundation
  • Freya is a 31-year-old woman living in Edinburgh, who has ADHD. Freya shares her experiences around access to mental health services, and of growing up as the only person of colour at her school and how that impacted her mental health.
  • Tyra is based in London and tells us what inequality means to her as a young person, how she and her peers are coping with the lifting of lockdown, and how she thinks society could better support young people overall.
  • Julie Cameron: Guest, Associate Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Need support?

If you yourself are feeling like ending your life, please call 999 or go to A&E and ask for the contact of the nearest crisis resolution team. These are teams of mental health care professionals who work with people in severe distress. 

  • If you need someone to talk to then Samaritans are available on 116 123 (UK) for free, 24/7. They are there to talk to, listen and they won't judge or tell you what to do. 
  • C.A.L.M.: National helpline for men to talk about any troubles they are feeling. Call 0800 58 58 58 (UK). They are available 5pm-midnight 365 days a year.
  • For support in a crisis, Text Shout to 85258. If you’re experiencing a personal crisis, are unable to cope and need support.  Shout can help with urgent issues such as: Suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying, relationship challenges.

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