Mental ill health prevention: the whats, whys and hows?

In our third episode of this series, Bethan asks Dr Antonis Kousoulis the BIG questions about mental health.

  • How has our view of mental health problems changed over the last 70 years?
  • What is the scale of the mental ill health problem we face today?
  • Why is the way we experience mental health problems so personal to each of us?
  • Why do we get mental health problems – how do external, internal factors and life events impact us?
  • Why are some of us at a higher risk of getting mental health problems than others?
  • What do we mean by we ALL have mental health?
  • Is mental ill health prevention possible?
  • Why is it needed right now?
  • And how can we achieve it?
  • How can our listeners get involved with spreading the message and lobbying for change?

Bethan and Linda close the podcast with a chat about simple ways that you can look after your mental health.

If you have been impacted by anything in this episode, remember that Samaritans are available to call 24/7 for free on 116 123.

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