Mental Health Foundation's reaction to the Queen's Speech

19th Nov 2019
Challenging mental health inequalities
Social inequalities

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech today, Mark Rowland, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation said:

"The New Conservative government’s plans for health and the NHS outlined today included a welcome commitment to reforming the Mental Health Act and social care.  But it must go much further to tackle the root causes of poor mental health and also invest in prevention if we are to address the unacceptable levels of mental ill health.

"With a strong majority, this government has an opportunity to make substantial improvements to the mental health of everyone in the UK. To do so, it needs to take action across government to reduce the risks to our mental health and invest in prevention as well as in services.

“Perhaps now more than ever, people value mental health and see it as important, for themselves, their families and their friends. To be effective, cross-government action and investment must support well-evidenced, value-for-money programmes and advice that have been shown to help prevent mental health problems and promote wellbeing. The Mental Health Foundation is ready to work with the government and others to bring this about.”


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