Travel is to be enjoyed, and not a destructive experience

Luke Tyburski is a former footballer and is now an endurance adventurer, who also specialises in motivational speaking.

Those who do not experience mental ill health may immediately get excited when booking a trip abroad, but for many of us who struggle with their mental health, this can be a complete nightmare!

The thought of leaving our 'sanctuaries' that we resort to regularly can only make our thoughts become even more detrimental and destructive.

Past Experiences

Personally, there have been a couple of trips years ago where I have not committed to with friends, I was simply scared of leaving the environment I was familiar with, and felt safe in. Although I knew I would be with close friends, it wasn’t a chance I wanted to take. I’d think to myself "what if something happened and I began to be swallowed up by the dark abyss that is my depression while I’m away?"

The easiest option was to simply say I couldn’t afford the trip; and this is coming from a guy who has lived on three continents, in four countries, while having visited five of the seven continents all before his 30th birthday…

But with most people who live with mental health problems, what appears on the surface can be a completely different picture to the inner torment that’s happening internally…

If I decided I wanted to go away alone, clicking the 'pay' button on my laptop has been the most difficult action to complete several times in my past. I’d question my actions, while simultaneously a flood of negativity would sweep through my thoughts, and I’d convince myself I didn’t deserve to go away, or it would be a waste of money if I did leave my house and simply lay in bed for several days.

Travel is to be enjoyed, and not a destructive experience.

Life is to be Enjoyed

And then there have been a couple of times where I have managed to book a trip (when I was in a dark place), and while away felt lousy due to the inability to be present, enjoy myself, and the surroundings I was in. 

Regret, shame, and anger are all emotions that have gripped my mind when I couldn’t even enjoy a few days away while staring out over the endless horizon next to the sea. But, with many years of personal development work, the support of those who are closest to me, and speaking about my battle with depression, things have changed.

As an endurance adventurer, my life has taken me on many trips, most of them I have been extremely excited about leaving my everyday life to explore the world.

The reasons I’ve been able to not only cope, but enjoy experiencing my travels more recently have been because I’ve researched, prepared, planned, and felt that if I get out of my comfort zone, and live my life, then I can show others that it’s ok to create and have new experiences around this beautiful world we live in!

Happy travelling.

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