Scottish Parliament election - manifesto analysis 2016

We have used a Mental Health in All Policies approach to explore how each of the manifestos for the Scottish Parliament election might support our policy asks.

We analyse how each party’s agenda addresses mental health and wellbeing regarding: Communities, Children and Young People, Housing and Homelessness, Multi Morbidities and Work.

Our Policy asks

The Mental Health Foundation calls on the Scottish Government to:

  • create a comprehensive, prevention-focused strategy for mental health policy in Scotland, bringing together a drive for improved mental health services with a vision to improve mental health across our communities
  • commit to put into practice the 2011 Christie Commission recommendations with regard to addressing inequality, failure demand and co-production in mental health, in the context of wider public service reform
  • commit to recognising the unique role of mental health in achieving our national outcomes, coupled with improved mental health literacy to enable mental health impact to be recognised
  • commit to supporting the development of comparable data and research evidence in mental health, coupled with a commitment to support and evaluate innovation in mental health
  • establish of a high-level commission on mental health in Scotland, to develop a human rights-based vision for mental health at the heart of Scotland’s future.