Some things that you can do to help strengthen community connections in your neighbourhood include: 

  1. Being neighbourly. Practise common courtesies such as greeting neighbours when you pass them in the street. Getting to know your neighbours has been linked to lower crime rates, thriving children and greater school success. 
  2. Organising a neighbourhood party. Engaging with members of the community to plan this will reap benefits in itself. It is important to be inclusive and try and support people to come along who may find it more difficult (e.g. older people who are housebound).
  3. Volunteering your time to a local organisation. Being altruistic has been shown to have positive effects on wellbeing. Helping others is not only good for the other person, but it also benefits our own mental health. See our 2012 Mental Health Awareness Week report on altruism for more information.
  4. Participating in neighbourhood activities and inviting people to get involved – parties, playgrounds, book clubs, walking groups, community gardening or community clean-up schemes, and community choirs are just a few examples.