Rhodri M. Windsor

Digital Content Officer

Rhodri comes with nearly 30 years of digital experience in all kinds of roles, from website developer. through web services manager to director of digital.

He as worked in some  top professional services firms, central and local government, Chinese media firms and Third Sector organisations. 

Career highlights include the rebranding of two international law firms and a UK top ten accounting firm, the rebrand of a children's literacy charity in London and was part of the team that rebranded the RNIB. Laterly, he worked with an international climate charity to create a new, world-first, low-carbon website, reducing its footprint by over 80% - that's a small forest!

Copywriting being his passion, for the last 5 years he has focussed on content, in all it's formats, to make it actually work across the whole 'digisphere'.

"It's great to get back to what I love. Rolling my sleeves up and working with actual content at the Foundation".

"Gardening has been my saviour over the last year and a half and I now have a small thriving 'garden of peace and tranquility'. I've also mastered the art of making sourdough bread, which as been a long but very fruitful journey."