Planning your MHF Live

Music is good for the soul, and getting together is good for mental health – so we’re calling on you to host your own music event for the Mental Health Foundation. Never hosted an event before? No problem. We're on hand to help with our tonal tips below!

1. Sign up for MHF Live

By signing up here, you will receive a free downloadable pack which has posters, information and even more tips on organising your MHF Live.

2. What kind of event do you want to hold?

You can hold a MHF Live all year round, although we do promote it more in February. The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of event you want to hold. Here are a few options to choose from but you can do anything music-related:

  • A local gig - you can ask your local pub if you can have some space in the evening to hold your event. Then you can contact local music acts (pubs might already have some you can use) and see when they are all free to play.
  • Karaoke night - either rent a karaoke machine or ask a local karaoke club if you can use their space/machine for the night. Then you can spread the word and ask colleagues/friends and family to come along! Or you can hold one in your own house.
  • Silent disco - silent discos are all the range right now so either get in touch with an existing one or organise your own silent disco!
  • Sleepover symphony - have a sleepover with friends with some music-related games through the evening. You could hold a raffle or everyone donates to attend the party!
  • Talent show - host a talent show at work or at school and charge people for entry.

3. Find a date and venue

Once you know what kind of event you want to hold, find a venue which can hold the amount of people you want to attend. See when the space is available and decide on a date to hold the event. Make sure they have the means to cater for a the equipment you may need.

4. Find bands (if you need too)

You may know some local bands, or be in a band yourself! If you don't know of anyone who can play at your event, check out social media. There are always bands who most of the time are willing to play for free for a charity event in exchange for some exposure. Make sure you highlight how them playing could result in them being on our MHF Live Facebook page! Make sure you ask the bands which equipment they can bring and what you will need to source. 

Also, you may need a sound engineer if you are hosting a live music night. Most bands will know of one and there are plenty active ones on social media. Some may even do it for free once you explain the cause!

5. Spread the word

Once the event is confirmed, and you have bands set in place, start to invite people on Facebook by making an event. Also post about it on other social media channels and spread the word at work too. Make the most out of all of your contacts - even parents at your children's school!

6. Prepare for the day

We have some resources you can print off and use, and if you need balloons or collection boxes, drop us an email at [email protected] and we can send you what you need. Make a checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the event!

7. in your donations!

We know your event will be a great success so here are the ways to pay in any donations you receive:

  • The easiest way to pay in donations is online here. Make sure you say how you raised the money.
  • Send us a cheque made out to Mental Health Foundation and send it to MHF Live team, Mental Health Foundation, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX. Please include a note with your name and how you raised the money.
  • For bank details, please email us at [email protected].