Planning your Tea & Talk

Holding a Tea & Talk is simple, just get together with your friends, family or colleagues, and have a chat over a cup of tea and some cake. Your event will build and strengthen relationships with those around you (so important for mental health) and is also an easy way to fundraise towards mental health research and a world with good mental health for all.  

If you are uncertain about how to begin to prepare your Tea & Talk event, we have a handy five-step guide to help you put on the best event of the year!

Step 1: request your pack

Free packs are available to order for your Tea & Talk, so put in a request today!

Step 2: set the date

We encourage everyone to hold their Tea & Talk on or around World Mental Health Day, to truly emphasise the importance of building and strengthening relationships around you to good mental health. So spend the 10th October 2017 with your friends over a cup of tea and some delicious cake, and get the conversation started.

Don’t worry if the 10th October is not a suitable date. Hold your Tea & Talk anytime, anywhere. Mental health will always be a vital topic of conversation.

Step 3: choose the venue

Anywhere you can make a cuppa, is a place you can host Tea & Talk! Whether this be at home, work, school, university, or local community, strengthen your relationships and get the conversation started about mental health. Another option is asking local tearooms, or coffee shops (if they are not biased against tea of course), to use their facilities for your Tea & Talk.

Step 4: spread the word

Once you've decided on a venue and a date, you can start sending out the provided Tea & Talk invitations! Invite as many friends, family or colleagues as possible, or if it's an open event use our Fill-In Poster and put them up on walls and message boards.

Top tip: if someone can't attend, ask them if they would be happy to make a donation instead. 

Step 5: organise the activities

Now you have the basics sorted, it's time get creative. There are lots of activities you can offer at your event, whilst also encouraging your guests to raise as much as possible. Here's some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

Tea & Talk quizzes

Organise your guests into teams and charge per team to take part. It doesn't have to be tea themed, although that may give you a chance to show off your knowledge about the perfect brew...

Hold a bake-off

Check out our recipe page, or bake a family favourite, then just ask for a donation per cake entry, then charge a small fee per slice. 

Bake sale

Similar to a baking competition, but for those non-competitive types. Ask everyone to bring a sweet treat, and invite people to purchase a slice with their morning cuppa. This activity is particularly perfect for a busy office!

Hold a Tea & Talk sweepstake

Organise a 'guess the amount of sweets/chocolates in a jar', with one donation per guess, then just record the guesses using the provided sweepstake scorecard. The winner gets the prize! 

Our resources page is full of downloadable decorations to make your venue and cakes extra special.

And last but most certainly not least: sending in the money you have so graciously fundraised

You can pay in your donations online, or visit our page with all you need to know about sending in your donation.

Remember, never send cash through the post - it could get lost or stolen!

Happy Tea & Talking!