Jingle Jam 2020: help us support gamers’ mental health

We’re delighted to be once again part of Jingle Jam, the world’s biggest games charity event.

From 1 – 14 December 2020, gamers worldwide will be raising money for over a dozen charitable projects, including our forthcoming research project, which will explore the relationship between gaming and mental health.  

Since 2011, Jingle Jam has raised over £13m for good causes – including supporting our work to increase the scale and reach of our work, for example, Mental Health Awareness Week, which now reaches millions of people each May.

This year Jingle Jam is different. Twelve charities have developed a project or idea and are asking for your support to make them happen.

So what is our big idea?

As a charity, everything we do is based on the best evidence of what works. 

Currently, there isn’t much evidence about how gaming can help improve mental health and prevent mental health problems. We’re hoping gamers will help us raise £200,000 through Jingle Jam 2020 to design exciting ways to support the mental health of gamers – based on a research project with the gaming community to understand the relationship between gaming and wellbeing. 

With gaming becoming increasingly popular, especially during the lockdown, we want to learn about how gaming can help or harm our mental health. 

We’re planning a research project to give us the evidence we need to design new ways to support mental health amongst gamers – addressing the challenges and exploring the positive ways that gaming can help us enjoy better mental health.

We’re going to bring together an expert panel of gamers and industry experts to advise on our project and then work with the gaming community to turn the research findings into tangible ways of supporting the mental health of gamers. 

We also hope the research can inform a practical guide and toolkit to help understand the various ways that positive mental health can be built into the gameplay and enhance gaming experiences.

How can you support us?

Jingle Jam has brought together a bundle of over 40 games and in-game items worth over £430. The Jingle Jam 2020 Games Bundle is available exclusively through Tiltify for just £25. It’s a great gift idea – or something for yourself. 

The money comes straight to the charity you choose at checkout – so make sure you back the Mental Health Foundations’s project to help play your part in turning this life-changing research into action.


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