Staff training videos - Peer Education Project (PEP)

The staff training videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to deliver PEP in your school. 

The videos can be watched at your own pace and will take you under two hours to complete. 

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This staff training video provides an introduction to the Peer Education Project (PEP). It includes what the project is all about, how it started, and how it works. 

PEP is a school-based, mental health, educational, pupil-led project. It started in 2015, and between then and 2023 it's been delivered in over 200 schools. 

Roles and responsibilities

This staff training video introduces the roles and responsibilities required to deliver the Peer Education Project in your school. 

Key roles include Project Leads, Support Staff, Peer Educators, and Peer Learners. 

Safeguarding principles

This staff training video goes through the safeguarding principles for delivering the Peer Education Project. 

Safeguarding should be actioned by following the school or college's safeguarding policies. We also provide guiding principles for safeguarding for the project.

The lessons

This staff training video introduces the 12 Peer Education Project mental health lessons.

There are 5 core lessons and 7 additional lessons available. 

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Selecting Peer Educators

This staff training video goes through the process of selecting Peer Educators. 

Find out more about the Peer Educator role and responsibilities in this video.


Training Peer Educators

This staff training video goes through what to expect from the Peer Educator training, and the benefit it offers pupils.

Peer Educator guidance

Training Peer Educators

This staff training video will help you understand how to deliver the mental health lessons. The lessons are designed to be flexible, to fit into different timetables. 

Lessons are delivered by Peer Educators, with support from school staff.

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Collating feedback

This staff training video goes through options from getting feedback from staff, Peer Educators and Peer Learners on the mental health lessons and activities. 

This feedback can help shape and improve future delivery of the project at your school. 

Continuing the mental health conversation

This staff training video talks about how you can continue the mental health conversation at your school or college, using our additional mental health resources. 

Our resources include top tip cards, personal stories, fundraising packs, and pre-prepared assemblies. 

Our resources

Guidance for staff

Staff project guidance

This guide provides an overview of key information and resources you will need to deliver the project within your school and support the staff training videos.

Peer Educator training series

Pre-prepared training plans and PowerPoints will support you to train your Peer Educators to deliver the mental health lessons.

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PEP guidance & support

Explore the resources to support you to deliver PEP in your school.

Additional resource for schools & caregivers

Explore further resources designed to support schools, education staff, caregivers and young people to look after their mental health.

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