The diary of a sleepless night

10th May 2018
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I have real trouble with sleep, so much so that not sleeping has become a constant in my life.

I'm working out ways to move away from 'one good nights sleep, one terrible nights sleep, one good nights sleep, one terrible nights sleep' to a more consistent and regular nights sleep.

I've written a diary about what it's like to be me when sleep doesn't arrive.

First moment of consciousness in the morning

  • I'm awake
  • It’s morning
  • I can feel the warmth of the mattress cocooning me, the softness of the pillow and duvet over my face
  • The light is creeping in around the edge of sheet
  • I can hear birds singing announcing the day and the traffic starting to get busy

What happened through the night?

Eventually... I remember... I got to sleep okay

  • I woke up just after 1am
  • I stayed awake until 5am
  • I finally fell back into deep sleep, exhausted
  • Dragged out of deep sleep with urgent alarm at 6.30am
  • Another day with only three and a half hour's sleep
  • It’s going to be a long one
Sleep graphic

How my body and mind feel


Just got to get through the next 15 or so hours, it’s going to be a long day and I must stay awake all day

  • Mood is flat
  • No energy
  • No enthusiasm
  • Few decision-making powers
  • No creativity
  • Struggle to recall, or remember
  • No focus or little attention to detail on something
  • Mind all over the place - darting about
  • Feel unproductive and uncreative. Stupid
  • Everything’s a huge effort


I feel exhausted, it’s been an exhausting night … and all I’ve done is ‘sleep’

  • Thick brain fog
  • Tired gritty eyes
  • Sore joints
  • Body aches
  • Body ways a ton
  • Walking is tiring
  • The gym is beyond hard
  • And I can’t drive today

The sleepless 'quick fixes' I'm tempted to do

Discipline is hard with diminished willpower, it’s easy to reach for a fast fix

  • Must not sleep or nap, must stay upright until tonight
  • Need to not go for the sugars, the caffeine and fast fixes
  • I know they'll each cause a crash and a trough and an extra hill to climb... must think longer term

Feeling the pressure of getting a good nights sleep

  • Must get to bed at 10pm
  • Need to start again
  • Must create a better night... and then a better day

Thoughts before bed

  • Why am I so awake at 10pm?
  • Wish I was this awake at 8am
  • Must get to sleep

Tips that help me

Behaviour that helps

  • Get fresh air, have a walk early in the morning to kickstart the day
  • No caffeine after noon
  • No alcohol: zero, zilch, nothing at all at any time of day
  • Eat bananas and magnesium
  • Exercise

Good sleep hygiene

  • Write and empty head of worries and to do lists
  • No screen time before bed
  • Have a warm bath
  • Read and listen smooth music
  • Make sure the room is cool and dark

A mindset that helps

  • Be kind and know that it takes baby steps
  • Remember you can keep going when sleeplessness overwhelms you
  • List three things you are grateful for
  • Tune in with your feelings - note how do you feel
  • Tune in with the impact - how does it affect you
  • Remember what works and doesn't work for you
  • Think about what you can do differently
  • And remember the difference this makes

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