Research in Scotland

The Scotland research team establish knowledge and insights that fuel positive change for a mentally healthy society for all.

We collaborate with leading universities across the UK; we are also recognised internationally for our participatory research and our focus on working with marginalised communities.

Our original research studies are fundamental to understanding how to promote mental health and prevent mental health problems. We seek a deep understanding of what works in different communities and environments to inform our own programmes and policies and influences others.

Explore our research studies below to find out more about our work.

Our research studies and reports


The Mental Health Foundation are the evaluation and learning partners for the Barnardo’s Core Priority Programme in mental health and wellbeing.

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Thriving Learners

This research study is one of the largest of its kind, looking into student mental health across Scotland.

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Loneliness research and policy report

This report explores what it’s like to be lonely: its causes, consequences and the groups of people who are more likely to experience severe and enduring loneliness.

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See Me Scotland

See Me is Scotland's national programme to tackle mental health stigma across Scotland, with the Mental Health Foundation providing the research and evaluation for the programme.

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Nature: How connecting with nature benefits our mental health

This report provides a summary of the evidence of how and why our relationship with nature is so important and beneficial to our mental health.

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Body image: we are more than what we look like

This report highlights a series of key recommendations for helping young people across Scotland achieve good body image and recognise that we are much more than what we look like.

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Cancer and Mental Health

We are looking to develop support for the prevention and treatment for mental health problems amongst people living with cancer.

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Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic Study

Explore the Scotland research team’s work as part of the UK-wide study.
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