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I live with depression, and I also work for the NHS in mental health, so I am happy to be supporting and promoting the Mental Health Foundation by wearing a green ribbon pin badge.

As I am a carer for my brother who has extreme bipolar, I want to raise awareness of mental health problems.

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To get people talking, for them to ask me "what's the green pin for?". To raise awareness that it's okay to talk about mental health (Christine)

My work as a relaxation and mindfulness coach for adults and kids means I am very much aware of mental health issues, I’d like to wear a badge to show support and also it’s a really good way to promote awareness through my social media pages.

As someone who has suffered from mental health problems since my teens and who has lost people because of it, I feel it's important to do everything I can to raise awareness and help break stigmas in today's society.

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To put mental health out in the open not to hide away. (Paul)

I had my own experience of acute stress last year: it culminated in a ride in an ambulance in Ireland and some very supportive medical staff and colleagues to help bring me back to myself. I think it is important to be open about this event - particularly in my workplace where I manage a business with responsibility for over 30 people. I lost a work colleague and friend this year, we still have a long way to go as a society to help people understand that it is okay to talk, I have found wearing my ribbon has been a conversation starter and keeps Mental Health on 'the agenda' when I am at business events.

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Being a teacher, I believe it is important for those to understand mental health.

I have run the London Marathon for the Mental Health Foundation, and they have been amazing to me. Awareness should be raised, and stigma erased.

To help support the Mental Health Foundation and to help raise awareness around the need for better (and faster) treatment for mental health. Also to help end the stigma associated with society’s perception of mental health.

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Never be afraid to ask for help.

I’m wearing mine as a sign of strength. Last Christmas, I wanted to end it all. I’m very lucky and had someone there to help me pick myself up. Others aren’t as lucky, and we need to be their strength. Every day is a battle but every new day is a victory.

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