Michael's story: connecting with nature and friends

This content mentions loneliness or isolation, which some people may find triggering.

Michael shares his experience of how connecting with nature with his friends in Northern Ireland helps him to feel less alone.

Michael touches on the bigger stresses in his life being university and the constantly changing world of the COVID-19 lockdowns. He explains how being in nature has helped with his feelings and reduced his feelings of isolation. He enjoys going on walks with his friends, so they can both talk through their worries and know that neither of them are alone.

When you come outside, you're obviously expelling a bit of energy and you're releasing it, but it like gives it back in the same sense.

Michael has many hobbies that involve being in nature or being active, and these are what have helped improve his mental health.

It's about getting outside and getting your active to the point where you have like energy to do more stuff throughout the day.

Watch the video to hear more of Michael's story and how nature has helped his mental health.

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