This content discusses eating disorders, body image or generally discusses weight, sexual assault, death or bereavement, trauma, depression and anxiety, which some people may find triggering.

In the Let's Talk: Mental Health podcast, we get together with different people and experts to chat about mental health. We all have mental health, and we can all experience mental health problems. So, on this podcast we explore the topics that can affect how we think and feel.

Series 4, episode 4: Self

Today we’re talking about self - about how the relationships with ourselves can help or harm our mental health, and tips on ways to build a healthy relationship with you.

Guests on the show

  • Anna Archer – feature guest: a 21-year-old successful content creator, podcaster and athlete who focuses on fitness, lifestyle and mental health
  • Gemma – part of the MHF Young Leaders
  • Quinn – part of the MHF Young Leaders
  • Sophie – Project Coordinator, Mental Health Foundation

Note: Our podcasts are a safe space for our guests to talk about their personal experiences and express their own opinions. Their opinions are not necessarily endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation.

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