Connecting with nature to support our mental health

Series 3, episode 3:

On today’s episode Jennie talks to you about how connecting with nature can support our mental health.We recorded this episode in April 2021, after a full year of different lockdowns during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, many people turned to nature to help manage their mental health – whether that was a walk down the street, a swim in the sea, a run in the countryside, or nurturing a house plant.

On the show, Jennie speaks to some people about their relationships with nature, and how connecting with nature has supported their own mental health.

We have Kas, a 23-year-old from London, Jamie Hamill who is a Personal Trainer from Edinburgh, and Becky who is a 47-year-old from Newcastle. We finish with Dr Chiara Lombardo and Jolie Goodman, talking about the research behind the positive benefits of nature for our mental health, and how we’ve been applying them in some of our programmes at the Mental Health Foundation…

Enjoy the show!

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