Themed briefings

These briefings present the key findings from the Fellows’ rich learning body on the overarching themes of trauma and adversity, creativity and innovation, growing up and growing old, equality and diversity.

Explore the themed briefings below and the summary briefing from this fellowship.

Summary Briefing

This summative briefing condenses the findings from four themed briefing papers.
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Graphic for the summary report

The themed briefings

Graphic for the Trauma and Adversity report

Trauma and adversity

This briefing on Trauma and Adversity focuses on how community-based approaches are being used to support people affected by trauma effectively.

Graphic for the Creativity and Inclusion report

Creativity and innovation

This briefing on Creativity and Innovation demonstrates how creative arts and digital technological innovations are being used abroad to effectively support people’s mental health.

Graphic for the Growing up and growing old report

Growing up and growing old

This briefing on Growing Up and Growing Old focuses on how community-based approaches are used to support people's mental health in the early and later stages of life.

Graphic for the Equality and Diversity report

Equality and diversity

This briefing on Equality and Diversity demonstrates how approaches in other countries are being used to help reduce mental health inequalities and protect the rights of vulnerable groups.

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