Research in Northern Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland

We have a history of providing high-quality research, which has helped build evidence that has created change in communities, workplaces and broader society.

We publish studies and reports on what protects mental health, the causes of poor mental health, and how to tackle them.

Some of our research is UK-wide and will include Northern Ireland. Other research we have undertaken is specific to here.

We aim to build on our research capacity in Northern Ireland. We believe that for research to be meaningful, it needs to answer the most critical questions to everyone, and it needs to do so in a way that has a real impact on people’s lives.

Featured reports

Mental health in Northern Ireland: Fundamental Facts 2023

This new report, in conjunction with Northern Ireland’s Mental Health Champion, brings together population data on mental health, the social determinants of mental health and key inequalities data.

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The economic case for investing in the prevention of mental health conditions in the UK

Our report with the London School of Economics and Political Science provides evidence from the UK and around the world that proves prevention interventions work.

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Uncertain Times: The impact of anxiety in Northern Ireland and how to tackle it

This briefing looks at the prevalence and rates of anxiety amongst different groups of people, and the current key drivers and risk factors for anxiety. It also considers the main ways of coping with anxiety and provides recommendations to the government in Northern Ireland for preventing anxiety.

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Mental health and the cost-of-living crisis report: another pandemic in the making?

In this briefing paper we give an overview of the crisis's current and likely effects on people’s mental health.

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Tackling social inequalities to reduce mental health problems

This report describes the extent of inequalities contributing to poor mental health in the UK today. It explains how certain circumstances interact with our own risks and discusses communities that are facing vulnerabilities.

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Prevention and mental health report

This report provides an understanding of the evidence for prevention and mental health so that we can address the greatest health challenge of our times.

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Relationships in the 21st century: the forgotten foundation of mental health and well-being

This report explores relationships across the life course, why they matter and the importance of being part of a community.

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Mental health and physical activity in Northern Ireland

We conducted a one-year pilot study to address the high levels of physical ill-health and preventable deaths of people with serious mental heath problems in Northern Ireland.

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