Research in Northern Ireland

We have a history of providing high-quality research, which has helped build evidence that has created change in communities, workplaces and broader society.

We publish studies and reports on what protects mental health, the causes of poor mental health, and how to tackle them.

Some of our research is UK wide and will include Northern Ireland. Other research we have undertaken is specific to here.

We aim to build on our research capacity in Northern Ireland. We believe that for research to be meaningful, it needs to answer the most critical questions to everyone, and it needs to do so in a way that has a real impact on people’s lives.

Mental health in Northern Ireland: Fundamental Facts

A summary of mental heath research, covering all key areas of mental health in Northern Ireland.

Mental health and physical activity in Northern Ireland

The Mental Health Foundation, along with several partners, received funding from DRILL (Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning) to conduct a one-year pilot study to address the high levels of physical ill-health and preventable deaths of people with serious mental health problems in Northern Ireland.