As a philanthropist, you can play an active and vital role in shaping mental health prevention across the UK. 


Do you want to help strengthen the case for prevention by showing that it’s both possible and necessary? We have a range of programmes in need of funding that provide real-life examples of prevention in action. Our key groups are: families at elevated risk, at-risk young people, refugees and asylum seekers, and people living with long-term conditions.

Find out more about one of our projects, Becoming a Man.

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Are you interested in building the evidence base for public mental health? Our research helps to define and quantify mental health need and the effectiveness of public health interventions, to make the case for policy and practice change. 

Find out more about Coronavirus Mental Health in the Pandemic Study.


Are you interested in helping to make structural change? Our policy work builds on evidence from programmes and research to advocate for change with policy makers. We analyse policy initiatives in the external world for their impact on our mission, to ensure we are maximising opportunities. We shape the policy discourse to promote better public mental health. 

Find out more about: Economic case for investing in the prevention of mental health conditions

This report has been widely used by Government officials and politicians in speeches to highlight the importance of prevention. 

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