Learning about healthy relationships

MHF Young Leader, Tia, shares some of the ways that she’s learnt about healthy relationships, and we hope you will find them useful too.

These examples have helped me to develop my self-confidence and learn about how important it is to have a healthy bond with yourself, those around you, and nature.

As every channel, influencer and podcast provides different perspectives on life, they can demonstrate healthy relationships in all forms and offer very helpful advice which you can incorporate into everyday life.

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Social media accounts and podcasts: The types of accounts I follow and why

Through social media, watching videos and listening to podcasts I’ve gained so much knowledge and understanding on maintaining healthy relationships, including about communicating effectively in any relationship. A lot of them are very thought provoking and inspirational.

I’ve found some incredibly empowering social media accounts that promote wellness though engaging posts. I follow pages that post positive mantras promote a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you.

I follow accounts that provide helpful advice and information about mental health, self care and understanding others who may struggle with their mental health. They’ve helped me to understand my own difficulties and through that I am learning to overcome my trauma. They help to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you who may also be struggling, by providing helpful advice and more.

I feature on an episode of the Talk the taboo podcast, I discuss the role of a young carer with Jamie, the host. We spoke about the daily struggles they are faced with, the positives of being one and how being a young carer can affect mental health and relationships.

Examples of accounts I like to follow:

  • The Mantra - Instagram
  • The Real Depression Project - Instagram
  • Jay Shetty - Facebook


I’ve found many different YouTubers who have helped me to heal, overcome my difficulties and have educated me about what healthy relationships are. You get different people’s perspectives on things based on their own experiences.

Videos I learn from

I have watched Rose and Rosie, an LGBT family for over ten years. I love how they have supported each other throughout the years, especially when they were struggling with their relationship and mental health. They have overcome so many obstacles in life and still remain close.

Videos that help me reflect

I enjoy content that helps me reflect on my existing relationships, a video from one YouTuber I watch really resonated with me as it reminded me to appreciate my mother and everything she has done for myself and others. She has always put others before herself and sometimes people took that for granted including myself.

Videos that inspire me

I am inspired by YouTubers that offer great advice on self care and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you as well nature and more. One Youtubers content encouraged me and gave me the confidence to start new hobbies. With the content that I enjoy, I feel like I’m always learning something new. 

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