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Carers provide invaluable support and help to their family, friends and loved ones, whether this is for physical or mental health problems. The mental health needs of carers are often neglected, despite many carers having poor mental health.

  • Looking after a family member with a mental health problem can significantly affect carers' mental health. Mental health problems of carers include emotional stress, depressive symptoms and, in some cases, clinical depression.1
  • 71% of carers have poor physical or mental health.2
  • Carers UK’s annual survey (2015) with over 5,000 carers across the UK revealed that 84% of carers feel more stressed, 78% feel more anxious, and 55% reported that they suffered from depression as a result of their caring role, which was higher than findings in 2014.3
  • 38% of young carers report having a mental health problem, yet only half report receiving additional support from a staff member at school.4

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