TalkBack - Winter 2023

Welcome to your Winter 2023 supporter update!

This month we’re thinking about how we can get the change we need at all levels of our society.

Among our friends and families and at the highest levels of government, changing how we think about and respond to mental health is possible.

Have a look inside to see what we’ve been up to, thanks to your wonderful support.


Cost-of-living crisis

We focus on the cost-of-living crisis and make the case for a response that prioritises mental health.


We spotlight an amazing programme in Wales, Single Parents Wellbeing. Founder Amy tells us how she used her own experience of mental ill-health and used it to help others.


We’ll give a peek behind closed doors as our Policy team lets you into the Labour and Conservative party conferences from last year.

And you’ll find so many ways to be involved and support our work.

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We work to make a world where there is good mental health for all – but we can’t do it without you supporting our work.

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Interested in sharing your own experience of mental health? We always want to hear your stories.

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