Jingle Jam 2021

Gamers and streamers will have a chance to help the nation's mental health by participating in the tenth Jingle Jam, which takes place from 1 – 14 December 2021. Gamers and streamers worldwide will raise money for 14 charitable projects, including the Mental Health Foundation, one of the UK’s leading mental health charities.

This year's money will go to providing digital support to the Foundation’s Peer Education Project (PEP). The PEP project is an educational, mental health programme delivered by older pupils to their fellow younger pupils. The new digital space will provide online resources, materials and support to school staff and young people to engage with different mental health topics and help improve skills in looking after their own mental health and that of their peers.

The Jingle Jam is the world’s biggest games charity event. Since its inception in 2011, the Jingle Jam has raised over $20 million for charitable projects.

Over fifty Jingle Jam streamers will be involved in special events such as cooking, painting, karaoke, etc. In addition, this year will see community streams across the world raising funds for their chosen charitable project. 

The event is broadcast on twitch.tv/yogscast and hosted by members of the Yogscast and their friends, and features some of the most popular creators on Twitch and YouTube, including Lewis and Simon, Sips, The Spiffing Brit, RTGame and many more. For the first time this year, any creator keen to join in with the Jingle Jam can set up their own fundraising streams, with their audiences also able to receive the games collection in return for donating to charity.”

Last year Jingle Jam raised £200,000 for the Foundation. The money has been used to conduct a research project with the gaming community to understand the relationship between gaming and wellbeing. This will be published early next year.

This year generous games developers have donated 58 computer games with a combined value of £650 / $800 and for a minimum donation of £35 to the Mental Health Foundation. If you donate, you will be emailed the gaming bundle. The codes to download the games are also shareable, making the bundle the perfect gift to share this Christmas. To make your donation by choosing The Mental Health Foundation and receiving the games bundle directly to your email inbox, you can head to the Jingle Jam website.

Keep up to date with everything Jingle Jam on Twitter and follow the official Jingle Jam live streams in December on Twitch.

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