Coronavirus pandemic and mental health

Series 3, episode 2:

On today’s episode Bethan talks to you about the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on our mental health. We recorded this episode in early September 2020 when for many of us, we had been seeing a gradual easing of lockdown, children heading back to school, students back to uni and some people heading back to work.

For some people this brought longed-for opportunities. But for many, even the happy, much anticipated changes were difficult for our mental health. And lastly, we are still far from knowing what the pandemic means for our society moving forward...

So, on the show we want to explore these big themes – and Bethan has some great guests to help her tackle them. Firstly, she will be speaking to, Suba, a junior doctor who has been working in the Emergency Department of an NHS hospital in London during the coronavirus outbreak. Then Dr David Crepaz-Keay, who is the Head of Applied Learning at the Foundation. He will talk us through what has been happening with mental health in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. Lastly, we finish with Bethan and Linda Liao, Digital Manager at the Mental Health Foundation sharing some tips on how we can look after our mental health during these uncertain times.

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