Holyrood 2021

Let’s Build a Wellbeing Society:  Scotland Deserves Good Mental Health For All

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Most people will agree that having good mental health is important.  But, how can we achieve this for everyone? 

For too long we’ve been firefighting in mental health.  We’ve been focused on supporting people only when they are reaching crisis point and requiring specialist services.  While it is vital that people in distress get the support they need quickly, we will never achieve good mental health for all by only addressing people’s needs when they are really struggling.

It’s time to shift our focus to prevention.  We can prevent mental health problems if we address the root causes of poor mental health: poverty, trauma, childhood adversity, job insecurity,  inadequate housing and social isolation.  Now is the time to build a Wellbeing Society, strengthen our social safety nets, nurture positive environments that will empower people to thrive, and invest in preventative support for people now and in the future. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on our collective mental health needs.  Along with our new Scottish Parliament, we have opportunity to reset and transform mental health support in Scotland.   

That’s why we are calling on Scottish political parties and candidates to commit to good mental health for all. 

Let’s build a Wellbeing Society. Read our manifesto.