Our values

To help us stay true to our mission and vision we have worked together to define our values – Side by Side, Determined Pioneers, Making a Difference and Walking our Talk.

They are who we are and who we strive to be. Working together in unison, they inspire us to be the best we can be and help us to make good decisions while building the foundations for a mentally healthier tomorrow.

And in everything we do we aim to bring these values to life, to create a world where good mental health is for all.

Side by side

We achieve through working together.

We pursue connection and shared understanding.

We embrace difference and lived experience.

We trust our people and partners, and make space for reflection, fun and personal growth.

We recognise, and own our power and privilege, and act with humility.

Two people rowing together in a boat

Determined Pioneers

We are passionate, committed, strive for excellence and rigour.

We wrestle with tough issues and topics, willing to hold tension and complexity.

We search for new approaches, challenge convention and push boundaries.

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Making a difference

We are passionate about the role we can play in achieving positive change.

We are about the outcome, not the glory.

We generate and share evidence of what works.

We are creative and action focused.

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Walking our talk

We embrace diversity and operate with openness, prioritising the mental health of our staff and supporters.

We recognise and learn from our mistakes and seek honest feedback, without spin.

We recognize the need to keep listening and acting with authenticity.

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