Nearly 150,000 people with dementia are wrongly prescribed antipsychotics

We've partnered with the Dementia Action Alliance to call for all antipsychotic prescriptions for people with dementia to be reviewed by 31 March 2012.

It's shocking that nearly 150,000 people with dementia are inappropriately prescribed antipsychotics which can severely affect their quality of life.

If appropriately prescribed, anti-psychotic drugs can help to alleviate the symptoms of dementia for some people. However, they should remain a last resort because of the possible severe adverse reactions. NICE recommendations on non-medical interventions should be more fully utilised in people with mild to moderate dementia.

Our research into self-directed support has shown that affording people living with dementia and their carers greater freedom and choice about the social care services they receive can prove hugely beneficial for all concerned. By the same principle, it is essential that people with dementia and their carers are aware of all the treatment options available to them and receive the quality, personalised care they are entitled to.