Advice from the four nations on the Coronavirus pandemic

Here we take you through the latest public health guidance on what you should be doing during the coronavirus outbreak and break this down to the specifics of each nation.

Page last reviewed: 13 December 2021

It is important to note that governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have each taken different approaches for their citizens, partly because they believe that the level of infection - and therefore the risk - will differ.   

The appropriate authority for each country has identified key steps, we have used wording taken from each nation's official guidance below.  


Find out how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Find out what you can and cannot do.


Coronavirus hasn't gone away. We all need to follow the rules in place and continue to be careful.

Full information here.


Help keep Wales safe.Full information here

Northern Ireland

Advice for Northern Ireland can be found here.

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