Wendy's Story

When I got diagnosed with postnatal depression, I had no motivation.

My doctor didn't look at any alternatives (to medication) – you went in there and it was like “here you are (a prescription). I saw the Community Psychiatric Nurse for a while but there wasn't enough support – it was only an hour a week, and there were no crèche facilities. I felt like society had let me down.

I changed doctors earlier this year, and they introduced me to EXCEL. It's a real positive for me because it's a discipline and it changes your lifestyle. It's given me a new lease of life. There's the social aspect too – it's not just people who are 16, it's people who are 60 who've had strokes or heart problems and we help each other. I wouldn't see anyone otherwise, because I've got a child.

I used to feel trapped, whereas now I feel like I get out a bit more. I've reduced my medication, and I think that's got a lot to do with the EXCEL programme. There's a life and a world out there and by going to the gym I'm getting some confidence. It can be fun – and I haven't had fun for years!

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