Jonathan's Story

Jonathan, 18, has experienced extreme panic attacks and anxiety which threatened to mar his first year at university.

"I have been undergoing the fight with anxiety and panic for as long as I can remember. I have struggled with it throughout my education and personal life and it has been a large factor of my life for so long, that I just learnt to deal and live with it, even though at this point I had no clue that what I was experiencing was anxiety and panic attacks.

"In August 2013, I had my worst panic attack that I have ever had and was at this point, that I knew I really had to do something about it to try and control my anxiety, because I really could not live like that anymore. It was because of this event happening, that I lost all of my confidence and I couldn't even walk to the local shops without feeling anxious. I then decided that I needed to take control of my life and stop living through my anxiety, so I started a course of psychotherapy, which was such a hard task for me to do, as there are so many stereotypes out there about therapy and counselling.

"In September 2013, I started university which I was very anxious about as I was moving to a new place with new people and a lot of factors were changing in my life. I had regular Skype contact with my therapist, as he helped me work alongside all this change and this really helped me with settling into university life.

"This regular contact continued, until about January 2014, when we decided that now is the time to start thinking about winding down the amount of sessions. We continued to do sessions on a fortnightly basis and then every three weeks, leading up to April 2014, where we had a final face to face session.  Looking back at my journey through therapy, I can clearly see the results as my therapist helped me gain the majority of the confidence that I lost and I am now much happier at university.

"I do still get the odd panic attack and I do still get anxious. But, I have now realised that my anxiety is a part of my personality and it won't be gone overnight and I am determined to keep working at combating it, using the techniques that I have learnt."