Hanifa's story: All about my life

Hello my name is Hanifa and this is my story. My colleagues thought it would be good for me to tell you a little more about me and what is important to me.

I work for the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and am an Administrative Assistant. I have to be organised for my job and people tell me that I am very organised. One day I would like to have my own business keeping people organised.

Where I live

I live I live in a house in Wimbledon with my parents and older brother and his wife. I have lived in London my whole life. I like London because there is a variety of things to do and it’s busy. I like to be busy.

My family

I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger than me. They both working in London, one in recruitment and one in a bank, we are very close. My parents are officially retired. They used to run a restaurant and I used to help out in the restaurant packing up the takeaways when I was teenager.

Being a Muslim

Being a Muslim is important to me. I pray 5 times a day using a chair so I don’t have to bend and hurt my sore leg. I used to be able to kneel but it is painful for me to do it at the moment. Every year at Ramadan I fast - this is hard especially when I have to go to work every day. Eid comes twice a year and I look forward to it, I like the samosas and the sweets. I wear headscarves and Salwa Kameez (traditional dress) on special occasions.

Being a Muslim is becoming more important to me as I grow older. I like having the rules to follow.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me. In my next few blogs I will be talking about other things that matter to me, they are looking after your health, work and leisure.