In the Let's Talk: Mental Health podcast, Jennie Walker gets together with different people and experts to chat about mental health. We all have mental health, and we can all experience mental health problems. So, on this podcast we explore the topics that can affect how we think and feel.

Series 4, episode 3: Childhood

In this episode, we talk about childhood. About how environments that we grow up in, and experiences that we have in our childhood, can shape us as adults and affect our mental health.

Guests on the show

  • Alex – young person based in Derby
  • Bhavan young person based in Derby
  • Jamie – young adult based in Ardrossan, Scotland
  • Tyra – feature guest from Leaders Unlocked, based in London
  • Shelley – Programmes Manager for Children, Families and Young People, Mental Health Foundation

Note: Our podcasts are a safe space for our guests to talk about their personal experiences and express their own opinions. Their opinions are not necessarily endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation.

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