COVID-19 Scotland Wave 2: Key Findings

In Wave 2, in early April, a week into lockdown, we found that:

  • The proportion of Scots reporting being anxious or worried was still high (65%)
  • More people have felt lonely (24%, up from 11% before lockdown)

 The figure was highest among young Scottish adults aged 18-24 years old (43%) and unemployed people (43%)

  • 49% of Scottish adults aged between 35 to 44 years old have felt afraid, increasing from 36% before lockdown:

  • Passing the Coronavirus on to someone else (78%) remained the top concern among Scottish adults
  • More people have been worried about becoming ill with the Coronavirus (70%, up from 59% before lockdown)
  • Being separated from friends and family (69%), coping with uncertainty (56%) and not being able to care for friends and family (51%) remained worries
  • Almost all Scottish students (93%) and 73% of 18 to 24-years-olds overall worried about their education or career training being interrupted:

  • Three quarters (76%) of Scottish adults were coping well with stress related to the pandemic:

 However amongst the unemployed 21% were not coping well (12% overall)

 More women (16%) reported not coping well than men (8%).

  • Contacting family (67%) and friends (60%) have helped people who have experienced stress related to the Coronavirus pandemic:

 Unfortunately, 5% of people reported nothing had helped them to cope with stress related to the pandemic.

  • Just over 1 in 3 people (36%) have eaten too much and 1 in 5 people (21%) drunk more alcohol in the past two weeks to cope with this stress
  • 10% of people have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past 2 weeks, this was higher among unemployed people (25%) and young adults aged between 18 to 24 years old (20%).

On a positive note, more people than in mid-March felt well informed about the need for measures to control the spread of the outbreak (85%, up from 68%) and a further 67% said they have everything they need to manage (up from 48%). Nearly three-quarters also felt they could make a positive contribution to efforts to limit the spread / impact of the outbreak (72%, up from 60%).

Sample size was 1,028 adults across Scotland. Data was collected by YouGov on 3rd - 7th April 2020.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Scottish adults (aged 18+).