Winter Talkback 2021

Take a read of our Winter Talkback 2021.

Dear Supporter,

Welcome to your first TalkBack for 2021!

This edition comes as the coronavirus pandemic strained our lives in ways that would have seemed impossible a year ago. Back then, we announced the launch of our Strategy for 2020-25 and our focus on public mental health and prevention – tackling the causes of mental health problems and providing support for people most at risk of developing them. Even before Covid-19 we knew that mental health was our biggest national concern. We are now at serious risk of a rising tide of poor mental health.

In this edition of TalkBack, we will explore the Strategy and its strategic aims one year on, and our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Tell the world – on pages 4 - 5 you can see the new findings from our ongoing ‘Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic’ study and how UK adults are coping.

2. Find solutions – we are proud to announce that we are launching a major initiative to develop community prevention programmes across the four nations of the UK to help those in greatest need. Learn more on pages 8 - 9.

3. Inform and empower – Tackling discrimination is core to the Foundation’s prevention mission and we are conducting a race and diversity review internally.

4. Change policy and practice – Our position on the abolition of Public Health England and our work on influencing the government’s plans for how public health will be delivered in future. More on pages 10 - 11.

5. Build a Strong Foundation – we have partnered with RockChoir who released a Christmas single to support us and help us raise awareness.

We also want to thank you all for your continued support during these difficult times. We couldn’t help as many people as we do, or create meaningful work without your ongoing dedication and passion for preventing ill-health.

Kind regards,

Kalina Peresterova, Individual Giving Officer