Progression Together report

This report is the culmination of a three-year independent evaluation of the impact of Progression Together, a model of personalised support in a residential setting by the charity Together for Mental Wellbeing (Together).

In 2009, Together began to transform some of its residential services for people with complex mental health needs into personalised accommodation-based support that uses self-directed support to move individuals towards independence. After a consultation process with service users and other stakeholders, Together named this model of residential support ‘Progression Together’. The Mental Health Foundation conducted a three-year evaluation of the Progression Together model between 2013 and 2016.

The evaluation assessed whether Progression Together is an effective model of local step-down provision, which moves people with complex needs from hospitals or secure environments into the community, with a focus on the following outcomes:

  • Improvements in mental wellbeing and functional living skills.
  • Engagement in local community.
  • Increased incidence of self-directed support.
  • Achievement of self-directed goals.
  • Increased independence and move-on rates.
  • Improved cost efficiency and productivity of Progression Together services compared to traditional statutory residential service approaches.