Prioritising mental health research at the 2015 election


As part of the Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders, we are launching Prioritising Mental Health Research, our manifesto setting out what political parties can do to make mental health research a priority during the General Election 2015 and in government.

We believe there is a vital role for government leadership in championing mental health research and promoting mentally healthy communities and have three key recommendations: 


Championing mental health research funding in General Election manifestos

The next Government should redress the current imbalance in research funding.


Removing blockages to mental health research

We cannot improve mental health and wellbeing without better quality data and information, improved coordination of data sharing between government departments and more mental health knowledge among the wider public service workforce.


Giving priority to research that will make the biggest difference to people’s lives

Including research into children’s mental health, prevention and promotion of mental wellbeing and the links between mental and physical health. Setting research priorities should begin with the knowledge and experience of people with mental health problems.


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