Northern Ireland Assembly Election - Manifesto Analysis 2016

We have used a Mental Health in All Policies approach to explore how each of the manifestos for the Northern Ireland Assembly election might support our policy asks.

We analyse how each party’s agenda addresses mental health and wellbeing regarding: Communities, Children and Young People, Housing and Homelessness, Multi Morbidities and Work.

Our Policy asks

The Mental Health Foundation calls on the Northern Ireland Assembly to:

  • Invest in prevention and early intervention at all stages of the life course beginning with maternal mental health and continuing into later life; with a strong focus on people with long-term physical health conditions.
  • Address the mental health legacy of the conflict by developing trauma informed approaches within communities and services that are founded on our resilience and assets as a society.
  • Support individuals and communities who experience mental health inequalities and who live in poverty. 
  • Promote mental healthy employment by developing psychologically informed workplaces in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.
  • Support everyone’s mental health literacy so that we can reduce stigma and discrimination, support each other, and know how to look after our own mental health and when we need services to recover from mental distress.