MyLife, MyFuture: programme manual and learning report

The MyLife, MyFuture programme was set up by the Mental Health Foundation to enrich the lives of young people in care.

This learning report is aimed at practitioners working with young people who are either in care or have been in care (for example youth workers, support workers, psychologists and teachers). We hope it will be useful when thinking about setting up a group programme, or when looking for further inspiration for group activities if they're already delivering group work for young people.

Together with this learning report, we produced a delivery manual and toolkit. We are very interested in replicating the positive impact of MLMF more widely so that even more young people across the UK are able to benefit. If you are interested in taking part in training on supporting looked after children and using the MLMF toolkit.

Contact Katrina Jenkins at [email protected] for more information on MyLife MyFuture.