London Mayoral Election - Manifesto Analysis 2016

We have used a Mental Health in All Policies approach to explore how each of the manifestos for the London mayoral election might support our policy asks.

We analyse how each candidate’s agenda addresses mental health and wellbeing regarding: Communities, Children and Young People, Housing and Homelessness, Multi Morbidities and Work.

Our Policy asks

The Mental Health Foundation calls on the next Mayor of London to:

  • Develop a public mental health strategy to embed Mental Health in All Policies, systems and services.
  • Adopt the Whole Community Approach to Prevention in Mental Health beginning with the most deprived borough.
  • Initiate a mental health literacy programme in partnership with NHSE and other public employers of the London public workforce so that they can make every contact count (MECC) to improve mental health across the capital. The aim is to encourage open and informed conversations to support mentally healthy lives and communities across the capital.
  • Address the pressures that poor, insecure and unaffordable housing or homelessness place on the mental health of Londoners and their families.
  • Lead a comprehensive initiative that addresses mental health inequalities.