Prioritising your mental health and wellbeing as school staff webinar

Hosted in partnership by the Mental Health Foundation and Education Support, with a guest speaker from Reflect and Refocus.

This online webinar was held on 4 November 2021, and was designed to be an opportunity to reflect on the ways you look after your mental health and wellbeing, find out tips on building more opportunities for rest in your daily schedules, and where to go for more support.

The webinar followed on from the Rethinking Rest guide we released in September 2021 with Reflect and Refocus.

Feedback from the session:

"Thank you, that was an excellent session! Thanks also for the links to the resources. Lots of practical things to try!" "Thanks! Extremely helpful, very informative!" "I've enjoyed the information given and signed up for a couple of things already!"

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Resources mentioned during the webinar:

Mental Health Foundation

Education Support