The Homeless Mentally Ill Intitiative: a revisit

The Mental Health Foundation has been commissioned by St Mungo's to revisit the Homeless Mentally Ill Inititiative (HMII), launched in 1990 by the Department of Health.

The Homeless Mentally Ill Initiative (HMII) comprised four specialist outreach teams in London.

These teams aimed to identify and offer treatment and accommodation to homeless people with severe mental illness who were not in contact with mental health services. 

HMII aimed to offer a rehabilitation model whereby people identified by the outreach teams would be moved into specialist hostels providing a high level of care, and ultimately, into stable, long-term move-on accommodation provided by Housing Associations.

We will be consulting with several key stakeholder groups, to assess the extent to which HMII objectives are met, or not met, today.

This study is in the data collection phase.