Jennie Walker

Communications and Marketing Officer

Jennie helps raise awareness about the work that MHF does in Scotland and Northern Ireland through different digital channels and social media.

She helps to produce and host the Mental Health Foundation Podcast, and works closely with the brilliant team behind the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. Jennie is particularly interested in promoting mental health literacy, and making it accessible to more folk across Scotland.

A proud high school drop-out, Jennie has built a career in digital communications after studying drama at college and doing lots of different jobs. She has produced independent podcasts about adverse childhood experiences, mental health, and community initiatives. Prior to MHF, Jennie worked at Creative Scotland, helping to build the brand for their Screen Scotland partnership. She has a MSc in Design and Digital Media from Edinburgh University.

Outside of work, Jennie likes “going oot dancing” with her pals, reading, swimming in the sea, and exploring Scotland’s bonny countryside.

You can follow the Scotland social media channels @MHFScot on Twitter