Catherine Negus

Research Officer

Catherine joined the Research Team in December 2020.

She started out in international development campaigns, then moved into the local statutory and voluntary sector. She decided to move into mental health during five years as a researcher/manager at Healthwatch Southwark, part of the national network upholding public voice in health and social care. Joining an organisation that looks at justice and structural issues felt like coming full circle.

Catherine is also involved as a reviewer for The Lancet Psychiatry via a McPin Foundation scheme, and believes in bringing together ‘academic’ and ‘lay’ perspectives, qualitative and quantitative research.

Particular personal interests within the field include attachment, relationships, gender, and definitions - of mental illness, diagnosis, health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Catherine also loves long walks in the mountains, being part of her hiking club community, sailing (having recently qualified as a Day Skipper), and singing the choral classics.