Annie Hall

Corporate Partnerships Account Manager

I work as part of the fundraising team, where I develop relationships with small, medium and large companies to build long-term partnerships that help us to work strategically through company donations, matched funding, staff fundraising, payroll giving, pro-bono and Gift Kind activities. I'm passionate about fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation and do it with energy and forward thinking. Collaboration and meaningful interaction drive my enthusiasm, which helps me make the most out of opportunities for dynamic charitable support.

My greatest challenge? Running the Paris Marathon in 2016. I didn't do enough training, but I still managed a faster time than the London Marathon back in 2011, when I actually did train! I don't know what that says about me.

Spare time? I'm pretty serious about doing yoga and teach it too! I run and cycle a lot and when I'm not being all athletic I love to doodle.

My top tip for maintaining my mental health? Keeping in touch with and meeting family and friends. The last year or so has highlighted for me the importance of the people I love and care for. I get my energy from people, so spending time with loved ones is very precious to me and that I value above all else.