Andrew 'Diggsy' Diggle

Volunteer Development Manager - Wales

I'm Andrew Diggle (Known as Diggsy to everyone apart from my mother, who's the only person to call me Andrew), I'm the Volunteer Development Manager in Wales, working 2 days a week.

With a background working in local government, which includes 15 years in Sports Development in a variety of roles: Club Development Officer, Volunteer Manager, Sports Development Manager, followed by 5 years as a Manager in Communities, then Anti Poverty programme in Wales. I'm now a a freelance consultant.

My consultancy work involves a variety of work across many sectors, including the delivery of Mental Health First Aid and Awareness courses. I have my own training franchise business that involves tutoring and delivering leadership, sports and education qualifications to schools, HE/FE institutions with a primary focus on the harder to engage pupils.

I am a qualified IQA and EQA assessor and manage 13 training centres in Wales/South West on behalf of UK coaching, which includes the Welsh Rugby Union, Cricket Wales, Welsh Netball, Gloucestershire FA and University of South Wales. I also have IQA and EQA and apprenticeship qualification on behalf of UK Coaching.

I am an associate consultant for Co Production in Wales and do some freelance work for the poverty charity Streetgames and write and develop training resources for a number of organisations in Wales.

I am a keen sports fan and have been since a very young age, with a passion supporting Liverpool and Cardiff City (yes sorry I do support 2 teams). I was a YTS footballer at Norwich City from the age of 11 then played semi-professional football for a number of clubs in Wales before going onto manage teams in Wales, which I've done for the last 5 years.

I have two amazing young girls aged 4 and 12 who are the reason I get up everyday to do something I thoroughly enjoy and don’t ever feel like I have worked a day in my life. What I do is a passion and a hobby and I appreciate that I'm very fortunate to be in that position and don’t ever take that for granted. I thrive on making a difference and giving something back, especially to those in the greatest need and I live everyday by my life mantra that “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”.