Become a Mental Health Awareness Week ambassador

UPDATE: We have now filled these roles and are no longer looking for ambassadors. But there are many other ways you can still get involved in supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2023!

We’re looking for five ambassadors who can help support this year's Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing their stories and experiences of anxiety.

We all have feelings of anxiety at some time or another. It’s when it becomes uncontrollable that it starts to affect our mental health and the ability to live our everyday lives.

So, our theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘anxiety’ and what we can do to help ourselves and others.

Whatever your background – whether you’re young or older, with family or on your own, living with long-term health conditions, or are a refugee or asylum seeker – we want to hear your story.

We will use it on our website, social media channels, and interviews with the media, etc., so you won’t be able to be anonymous.

Two people in a media interview

To be one of our ambassadors, you’ll be a natural talker, happy speaking to camera, and don’t mind talking about your emotional story. Your experiences and how you’ve dealt with your feelings of anxiety will be invaluable in supporting our campaign and has the potential to reach and help many people.

Importantly, if you feel a bit nervous about opening up to everyone, you’ll be working with our team and will have all the support you need. Together, we can make a huge difference to people affected by anxiety.

Get in touch using the form below. We’ll be back in touch with more details.

Mental Health Awareness Week - 15 to 21 May 2023
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